About Hardy Henry & Cie Ltée

Established in 1976, Hardy Henry & Cie Ltée evolved along the years to become a point of reference in its various business lines. These include:

  • Pest control and hygiene services.
  • The manufacture and supply of textile and bedding products.
  • Sales of different types of flooring.
  • The manufacture and sales of blinds and pergolas.

Through its activities, the group has earned a reputation of reliability within the Mauritian economy. Along the years, a culture of integrity, uncompromising quality, compliance and faithfulness to its values built the success of the group.

Highly professional and dedicated teams abiding by the strong values of the group are backed by numerous internationally acclaimed brands and companies such as Rentokil Initial International, KORDON®, Sentri*Tech™, LYCRA®, TEMPUR®, Belgotex Floors®, Milliken, Hunter Douglas®, Forbo, Modulyss® and Corradi. These powerful brands combined to a network of carefully selected partners support the vision of Hardy Henry & Cie Ltée to bring only the best and highest level of quality, expertise, products and services to its clients.

Our Companies


Hardy Henry Services Ltée

Hardy Henry Services Ltée, one of the first business line of the group, is dedicated to protecting men’s health, food resources, wealth and sustainability of buildings by providing professional pest control and hygiene services. Its activities extend to properties, private and public buildings, the hospitality industry and all sectors of the Agro-industry. Since 1977, Hardy Henry Services Ltée is the franchisee of world renowned and powerful brand, Rentokil Initial for the Indian Ocean region. This fusion of global expertise and local knowledge brings a pest control and hygiene powerhouse to Mauritius and enhances the company’s edge to remain the market leader.

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Hardy Henry Textiles Ltée

Hardy Henry Textiles Ltée is recognized as a key contributor in the Mauritian textile industry. The main company’s activity is supplying Mauritius and Madagascar with raw materials that are essential to the industry. These raw materials include cotton, viscose, polyamide and polyester yarns, sewing threads, elastane, adhesive strips and pocketing fabric.

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Since 2009, Hardy Henry Textiles Ltée is also the exclusive distributor of TEMPUR® mattresses and accessories in Mauritius. Recognized throughout the world, the technology behind TEMPUR® was developed for NASA.

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Founded in 1982, Carpet Manufacturing Ltd is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of carpets in Mauritius. By combining innovation, quality and performance, Carpet Manufacturing Ltd grew to become an essential carpet trader in Mauritius.

In 2003, Carpet Manufacturing Ltd was renamed Ideco Ltd, a name that represented better its new activities as a supplier of carpets and various flooringas well as a manufacturer and installer of blinds and pergolas.As such, Ideco Ltd represents renowned international suppliers for both flooring and blinds.

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Strick Ltd was founded in 1983 and had as primary vocation circular knitting. Over the years, the knitting activity stopped and Strick Ltd undertook the manufacture of sewing threads as its new activity after the acquisition of the dye house HHL Dyers Ltd. Strick Ltd is to this day an essential supplier of to the Mauritian and Malagasy garment-making industry.